Drag & Drop Of A Selection & Context Menu

hard to describe but:

if i make a simple one-column selection and try to move this one with drag&drop it’s a little bit curios that the mouse-pointer runs out of dragged selection > simply it’s left to the dragged/moved selection by left moving the mouse. this isn’t so nice and makes hard to coordinate the destination position in the pattern.
on a big selection with more than one column it’s seems that everything is ok … but with only one column with … not so nice.

another thing: an on/off option for the context menu is a must have! advanced users won’t use it anyway and the context menu disturbs the old style mouse-using behaviour.

another thing on the context menu. i thinks its totally overloaded with functions … the sense of such menus (context) is to getting fast access to important and frequently used features - but the important features are moved to submenus of the context menu (copy/cut/past)… i think it’s better to leave out 80% of the context main-/submenu features and only copy/cut/paste stuff for selections/columns/tracks should be available in the context menu. maybe it’s possible to make an option available for simple and advanced-context menu mode …

I agree…
But I think the context menus are ok.
If you use something very often then you should use hotkeys anyway.

For more advanced users I think the best thing would be to have the context meny only appear when you hold down shift and press rmb.

Agree here, missing Ctrl + rmb that changed cursor position and instrument number, very useful old feature!