Drag & Drop Sample From Win To Rns

One more suggestion from me:

Plz consider implementing drag & drop selected sample [or samples] from Windows Explorer [or Desktop] to Renoise or Copy file to clipboard and then Paste into empty sample slot as Paste Instrument?

It will speed up a lot adding samples from various HD paths… B)

Or you could store your HD paths under your preset buttons for the sample section and then just drag and drop from there.
Wether you would have to click and open several windows with different paths or you have to click several presets, doesn’t seem like any difference to me.
The only shortcut the diskbrowser seems to lack is a quickswitch for the preset buttons.

I think it depends on your workflow
for me, using an external wave editor for most of the edits and having aways some folder of different type of samples from my library open would be a nice feature

well I think it will save work time [for example, I have PICaView [from old ACDSee] tool installed that auto plays any sample I right-click with mouse in WindowsExplorer and when I hear something I like, I`d like to drag&drop to Rns]. Or Copy from WindowsExplorer & Paste to empty sample slot?

I miss this feature from ModPlug Tracker very badly!

Though… with the new recording features in 1.8, now, I’m missing it not so badly ;)

yes, dragging & dropping would be a cool feature. +1



What would be even better would be a system similar to what can be found in Reason. I’m actually not sure if you can do this in Renoise, but Reason allows browsing through a list (a folder, that is) of samples with the directional keys. This combined with autoplay makes for very fast browsing of samples. In Renoise (1.5 at least) I can’t seem to be able to do this - I have to click at the samples with a mouse, which is irritating.

i know this isn’t a solution, but maybe instead another direction for workflow.
say you get all your samples rounded up that you want to use then
put the samples into the xrns before you load renoise?

like say you had a song template set up. you start with that, load up winrar or whatever an then just inject samples into it.

i haven’t tried it yet but i think this may be a good work flow strategy.

this combined with Vv’s RiGen i think might work

This may be the 3rd or 4th suggestion for adding drag and drop feature in renoise, I myself made this suggestion a few weeks ago, is it impossible to add this handy feature to renoise? Many users are interested.

??? Did you mean to post this in a different thread? What does it have to do with drag and drop and making things simpler?

um, i guess nothing really.

the idea came about from a discussion about getting all the samples you want to use together before starting work on your song. this way you dont spend a lot of time editing samples in renoise which honestly isn’t the best place to be editing your samples. (although i find myself doing it a lot since the facility is there)

truthfully though, and i may get flamed for this, but remember ‘this is only my Opinion’ :

i’m not so much into seeing renoise become so simple.
i would much rather have omnipotence than simplicity.
even if it means I have to Adapt. so on the other hand i do believe there should be a balance so the learning curve doesnt shoot through the roof. though stuff like this could be alleviated by just simply changing your workflow.
remember i’m not speaking for anyone but myself. i just wanted to air the reasoning behind the post.

drag and drop samples from windows explorer +1

(to instruments)

imho the browser is too easy to get lost in with heavy use


Windows clipboard support would be even more useful imo!

Please please please!


yes yes yes… i really miss this feature from modplug , its not so bad anymore because rec function, but sample editor in 1.8 is still too far from soundforge etc. and sometimes i just like to sample , not to make music. so often i have pretty ruff samples, this feature would really make my workflow faster.

Exactly! I’m ex-modplug too.

Being able to copy and paste straight into an instrument slot from your audio editor was a great way of working. It’s anoying to have to name, save, locate and then load into Renoise 30ish drum sounds. It’s making unnecessary copies of everything too…but that’s not Renoise’s fault, it’s the way I’m working.

I will LOVE Renoise when/if this feature is added.

P L E A S E!


+1 for pasteing from clipboard.

Hi Bantai,

Thanks for the response.

Shame. Maybe in the future then…


The only drag and drop features you can do from the Explorer in regard to Renoise instruments is by using RiGen and RiGen also allows to drag and drop complete folders containing samples which Renoise currently does not support.
Though it does not yet add mp3, ogg and other compressed samples.