Drag & play slices while keeping waveform in view

It would be awesome if we could play a slice while dragging it through the entire sample waveform at the same time. When a slice is made it automatically makes a new sample in the list that starts from that slice point.

The functional/desired goal of this is being able to preview how each slice sounds as I search for a spot in the sample that I want to set the slice at. What happens is you have to stop playing, slide the slice, and see how the new slice position sounds. It would save me a lot of time digging through the melodies/drum beats I’ve made and sampled out to find cool spots for new slices. The automatic slice finder doesn’t quite do it, and usually makes too many or too little slices.

Anybody else wishing this were a thing?

Cheers everyone!!!


I think you want to disable the control that says, “When enabled, a sample from the list will be automatically selected when it is played on the keyboard or by MIDI”