Drag Und Drop

Dear all,

I wish I could drag and drop samples into either an instrument slot or the sample editor. This is not possible in OSX. I prefer to sometimes use external tools for finding and working with samples.

Not possible in Windows either, +1 because it can’t hurt.

But what I really crave is being able drag and drop files and folders within disk op. to copy/move them!


Do you mean drag and drop from within Renoise from the Diskop window, or from outside Renoise from the Desktop for example?

@wormjar: I think NebularSpool means drag and drop from outside renoise as usual…

This is again one of the many suggestions for adding drag and drop feature…

But it does not work from within diskop, either.

Yes it doesn’t, it would be helpful if possible.

Why would you need it from diskop?? Drag and Drop would actually slow down the process of getting samples in…

e.g. because you want to insert it into a specific position and not a.) append it to the end of the list or b.) first select the instrument slot you want to use. If the list would scroll while dragging and dropping, it would be perfect.

Yeah that is a good idea actually.

Yes it does, in 1.8. :)

But it would be nice to drag and drop from outside Renoise, agreed…

Personally I find the internal browser hard to use because I have a countless amount of samples (over 10 years worth), I like use an external manager to find samples ie: http://www.icedaudio.com/

This feature would be essential to me. As I can then drag samples from my manager into renoise.

I could of used Kontakt VSTi for this feature,
unfortunitly Renoise closes child windows when the program is out of focus, making that impossible.

Another option would be to add a search tool for samples, as long as parent directory names are included in search, and the search can be indexed database style. (for fast searching)

Timothy - trash80.net

This should work from within diskop else it is a bug…
But is this Mac Specific or Windows? Because i don’t know if this supposed to work on Mac as well.

Yeah, oops. Either it was broken in RC3 or I was tired/stupid… I probably tried dragging songs into the instrument slots :P (I’m on win and it works fine in 1.8)

+100 to enable drag’n’drop from explorer to renoise

the sample browser just doesn’t cut it imho =/ … too easy to make mistakes there… when trying to build a big drumset or something similar …

also, why is the drumset automapping rootkey (? the key where it starts mapping samples upwards from) not user definable? c4 which it starts from is in the middle of my keyboard, so half my keyboard is un-used now :S