Draggable Pattern Length Of Cells In Matrix

the pattern matrix has made it much easier to arrange tracks. thanks!
i use a small screen, as i’m sure a lot of you do?
so i have the matrix view saved to one preset, and the pattern view saved to another.
at the moment, when i want to simply shorten a pattern i have to change views from the matrix into the pattern view and manually delete the last notes of the pattern.
if we could simply drag the end of the pattern block in the matrix to do this, that would improve workflow for me.

I’m not sure what you mean with shorten the pattern, change the length? So you want something like a cut tool to alter a pattern matrix block?

yes, change the length of the pattern.
a cut tool could also be cool.
what i’m talking about is something similar to what you can do in logic- you can drag the end of the cell to make it shorter.
the pattern cells could be resizeable in the matrix so that you can, for example, make the pattern half the length by simply ddragging the end of the region to halfway from the end point
does this make sense?

The explanation makes sense but workflow-wise it doesn’t sound half as fast by simply typing in the pattern size in the size box (if you double click the box ofcourse). Dragging the pattern size in the Matrix it does not make sense at all since you cannot always visually see which lines you are removing or adding and in practical sense (meaning, most of the time you p[robably have to scroll the pattern to bottom or top so that you can actually see what you are changing). Plus it would probably be rather annoying just for the fact that you probably can’t drag the size precise up to the line where you wanted it to have.

Your mousemovements in the matrix are scaled and thus would be very rough compared to the area you would select in the pattern itself.

ok, thanks for the suggestion vv.
i take your point about the resolution in the matrix making it hard to make fine adjustments.

i suppose what i’m trying to describe is the aim
to be able to change the pattern length of independent tracks
e.g all melodic parts remain at 64 lines
all drum parts become 48 lines

so the overall bars and beats remain the same
but certain parts drop out at the end of the phrase

i still think it’s be handy to be able to do this in the matrix view

although it could also be said that i should just be spending more time nerding my tracks than requesting features to make my life easier!!

Independent track sizes really requires a full blown arranger which is nothing that will be done for 2.5.

of course, i should have posted this elsewhere…