Draggable Sends? (Not Only At The Right Side Of The Master)


sometimes…when you route audio signal to sends, audio signal is soo far from the original traks :( you must jump the other traks, than jump the master and other sends… and only after that you find your signal :(


you route 10 traks outputs to a single send… why can’t you drag this receiving send near these traks (catch this send track and jump the master track in the left direction) to make things easier?

my vision is: audio/send traks able to be grouped together, right or left, with no restriction about the side of the master…

or, simpler explanation, example setup… from left to right:
traks 1,2,3,4 sends1,2,3 traks 5,6 sends 4,5,6,7 traks 7,8,9 sends 8,9 etc… master reverb (ex send 10) master delay (ex send 11) and you finish by the master track at the right


YES! as long as sends stay to the right of tracks they’re receiving from, there should be no problem, right?

also, make sends more clearly visible as being sends. I really think 1. regular tracks, 2. the master, and 3. sends ought to somehow look different from each other (a color? a border stipple effect? I don’t care, just something) in the pattern editor and also in the track scopes.

yep… but grouping is easier when near from each other than choosing colors etc… :( i mean, it’s like having a big disorder in a room on the floor, and the different colors lets you know witch piece of disorder go into witch cupboard, but it doesn’t arrange the disorder :( that wont resolve the problem when you use more than 50 traks and 50 sends… also, about choosing colors, i never used this option even in other sequencere… cauz it’s boring me ;)

yes, but there still needs to be a clear(er) way to distinguish what’s what IMHO. I didn’t mention this as a workaround (I don’t believe in workarounds), but as something additional / loosely related…

my mistake :)