Dragging Matrix Slot Could Create New Patterns


I really like the ability to drag edges of the matrix slots.
Maybe Renoise could create new patterns if you try to drag edge past the last song pattern.

For example :

  1. create a new song
  2. add some notes on pattern 1 / track 1
    -> it would be nice to be able to drag the bottom edge of the first slot on the matrix view to add new patterns with this slot.



  • Select a slot (or slots) in the Pattern Matrix.
  • Begin dragging the slot(s) downwards into the empty space below and keep your mouse button held down.
  • Hold down Ctrl + Shift. You should now see a highlighted line appear in the new position, indicating where the new content will go.
  • Release the mouse button.
  • Release Ctrl + Shift.

Wouldn’t mind having that new downwards arrow toggle, which you can drag to automatically copy tracks, working beyond the matrix border and creating new patterns as well.

Woh… sounds very efficient! +1

yes, that’s what I meant

It’s not exactly what I meant
If you start a new track and there’s only pattern 0. Add some notes on the first track.
You can’t drag the first slot downard in the empty space, press ctrl + shift, and it will add some patterns below.
Or do I do anything wrong ?

It’s obviously not the exact feature you want, but I’m just saying that this works right now, so you could be using it in the meantime.

It definitely also works when there’s only one pattern. I’ve just tested it.

you’re right, it works, one pattern at the time

thanks !