Dragging Random Files Into The Sample/Instrument Editor

With a previous version of Renoise I’m pretty sure I was able to drag and drop and load up any file extension as an instrument or sample. Or maybe my mind is failing me and I’m thinking that only milkytracker has this capability? Is there a way to do this in renoise 2.6?
Thank you for your time.

well you cant seem to drag and drop but i did find this…
Importing Raw Audio Files (Convert Any File to Audio Sample)

Renoise is able to load anything (yes, any file type) as an audio sample file. In order to do this:

Select the “Sample” category in the File Selector
Make sure the “Show All Files” option is enabled
Double click a file which is not normally recognized as a sample file (TXT document, JPEG picture, AVI movie etc.)
Additionally, right-clicking on the file and selecting “Load File with Options” gives you additional options for importing (sample rate, bit depth etc.)

I forgot sorry!
Thank you