Dragging 'track' In Pattern Matrix Down To Empty Space...

Like thread title and topic description says above:

Would be nice if you could grab tracks and drag them downwards to have them automatically paste in a unique pattern.

The further you drag them downwards into space, the more unique patterns Renoise creates (depending on block distance in the pattern arranger.

Just dragging them downwards would paste the selection in the last newly created pattern.

By holding down a modifier key like shft or something, you could have the selection paste in ALL new created patterns!

Would make for more intuitive composing.




-> Holding down Control + Shift while dragging will insert now…

awesome! Please also consider my request as it would rule dragging around tracks even harder :)


See above. This already works now.

To insert new patterns via drag & drop: Hold down Control + Shift while dragging in the matrix

it wont paste it will move the pattern from a track,unless you right click and copy

It doesn’t work like I proposed above in my first post!

I’d like to be able to drag a pattern down, and have multiple ‘patterns’ automatically created according to how far I drag the pattern downwards. Not just, pasted right after the end of the last pattern!

Would be great for creating space = empty patterns = territory to arrange your tracks in. Right now you have to insert a bunch of empty patterns and than be able drag tracks across. Or shift+ctrl drag a bunch of empty patterns downwards before moving the wished content. Just selecting a track out of the matrix and have patterns created automatically in between seems intuitive to me and increases workflow.

Does my explanation make sense?

Go into Renoise now and grab a track-blob in the matrix and move it down and picture what I mean :)

yeah, this is a feature request mate :) , maybe in combination with a modifier key to copy it (probably ‘ctrl’)

Ghost blocks? I’ve thought about this too - it seems much too complicated to create blank space ATM.
So, you could just have a lot of dimmed-out blocks, below the “real” content, which are then turned into real content the moment something is dragged there:

Pressing “Create New Empty Patterns” a few times?

Yeah, it sounds trivial when you put it that way, though isn’t. Imo, by having the amount of new patterns created according to distance you drag too is an improvement when arranging. With the matrix possibilities… I don’t want to think; ‘I need 8 patterns of empty space here’ and click ’ insert new unigue pattern’ 8 times… just drag a pattern down and have it created automatically.

It is the similar for me when recording keyboard improvisations in a pattern, after the current last pattern Renoise loops back to the first, while I’d like a new patterns to be automatically created depending on how long I want to record. These are intuitive actions, you don’t always know how much space you need.

If ghost patterns are needed for this than that’s cool with me.

Sorry, I can’t do that. I’m too lazy :)

Hah. Bad joke. But that aside, it’s about improving the matrix - especially for people who are new to Renoise and don’t (yet) know basic stuff like how to add a pattern, this would be really helpful.