Draw Dense Automation = Fries Cpu

I know this ain’t a bug but when drawing dense automation ( high resolution ) within a long automation lane (512 lines ) , resulting in a huge amount of visual data ( the points on every line ) this is creating a massive impact on my cpu .( shown in taskmanger )
Now some of you might suggest that I should upgrade my system ( which I will when I have the money ) but nevertheless that issue will still be present ,

Out of curiosity, what kind of system are you running? There is some visual delay indeed, but no irritating freezing om my laptop (core 2 duo).

By the way, I was quickly trying to fill up a 512 length pattern with random dots, but can’t find the random button anymore! Is it gone or am I blind? That and the humanization button get used enough from me to miss it.

right click -> process -> create random points. but it’s disabled before creating at least some automation data…

thnx for the heads up!

Perhaps post a bug-report?

I’m working on a stone age vaio laptop ( 2006) intel centrino before the duo core era …so its 2.6 ghz .
I know it’s specifications aren’t really up to date , but it really has not so much to do with cpu speed , it’s more about about the dense automation that is displayed and thus creates a load on the cpu ,( only visible in taskmanger , i have it open all the time , even happens on a quad core .
Renoise is great because whatever I tweak it keeps the graphical cpu intensive tasks to a minimum( except for this issue ) , there are plugins out there , that as soon as you tweak a knob the taskmanger goes trough the roof , that’ s why I keep it open at all times