Draw/Scan In Waveforms

So. I know some programs (Renoise and the like) allow you to draw in wave forms.

What I am looking to do is scan in waveforms from paper. Does anybody know of any program that allows you to do that?

I know waveforms are complicated and yada yada I don’t wanna hear it. I know. I just wanna do it.

i would be interested in such a piece of software, cool idea. maybe allow it in Renoise native. ;D

Admit it though, you just want to scan your ass into Renoise.

You can do that, just scan your ass and load the file as an instrument in Renoise. It won’t sound very good though, but what do you expect from a scanned ass?

That depends on exactly who’s arse it is! ;)

if you want to put more ass in your music you could also make some ass-drawings in the EQ10 curve. or just use the waveform draw tool and draw asses.

Yep. That’s exactly what I want to do.

Hmmm, that’s a good point. As(s) a matter of fact i tried with Melanie Fronckowiaks’ butt, it didn’t sound that good right away, but when i looped it i got some awesome effects, especially when i moved the loop area while the butt was playing. :D
That made me think there should be a way to automate the loop, sweeping it back and forth, you should try it, it really does sound awesome, like Aphex Twin awesome!

Why go with just one arse when you can have… Got distracted before I could be bothered to count.

@kazakore: i think i recognize my wife up there. ;)

I see one, two, many butts. Lucky rhowaldt.

thats just assinine