Drawing A Straight Line In Automation

How can I draw a straight line from left to right in the automation section? I’ve tried holding shift while drawing the line, in other software like Cubase and Illustrator this is the way to do it, but holding shift doesn’t work.

Now I have to copy the value from one point to another, I guess there is an easier way.

Thanks in advance!

do you want to create a line from a point to another where at least one of them is not on the first or last row of the pattern? in such cases, doing it is indeed not straightforward: you should set the final point somewhere and change its value to the one you need (by either adjusting it with mouse, pasting from the other point or eevn writing the value in the editbox on the bottom left.

if you simply need a straight line from the first to the last row of the pattern, leftclick the on the left side of the automation view and a straight line will be created, but I think you already know this, so what you need is probably what’s written above…

If i want a curve like this:

… \

I need to draw the points at the exact same height like this:

… \

So I have to copy/paste the value from point 1 to point 2 with ctrl+c/ctr+v? That’s not handy at al!

Why not hold shift and drag the point from point 1 to point 2? Or hold the ctrl button while clicking a point to match the value with the previous point? That’s the way to do it in other programms like Photoshop and Illustrator for similair tasks.

Why not simply using one point instead?

That’s a good one, but how can I do that with a curve like this?


snapping to existing point heights would definitely make my life easier

[offtopic]I need three posts with drawings and loads of text to explain exactly what you say here in one sentence.[/offtopic]

If I knew this earlier I would have posted my wish on the other forum for suggestions and idea’s for Renoise 1.9. I really thought that there was some key combination to get the same value.

You can always finetune the points with ctrl.

And this seems to work:
Make two, or more, points.
If you alt-drag the automation all the way down, release alt and alt-drag it up again, you will have a straight line with as many points you like.
I could live doing it this way. :)

Thanks dude, I understand the procedure, I will try it as soon as I have time !

No it still doesn’t work for me, why is it so difficult to put one point on the left en then put another point on the right with the same value?

In my opinion this is the least you may expect from an automation envelope, I need this every time I use the automation, and that’s quite a lot. Now I’m busy copying values with ctrl+c/ctrl+v from point to point.

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