Dream About Renoise

i was just wondering if u dev guys were planning to port Renoise on other operating systems/hardware. I know doing the MacOS X version was already a wonderful thing and i agree that developping it for “alien” OS would be a waste of time (apart from a linux native version) but we can still dream huh ? i’d love to use renoise on my Pegasos under Morphos 1.4, i would definately sell my PC then.

@renoise users : what other OS/hardware do you use apart from PC (windows/linux) & Mac ?

i don’t know a single person working on such a platform, which i honestly, have never heard of before.
i guess you’re the member of a very small minority, using such an OS, which makes a port pretty implausible.

It’s an old OS off-dusted and refurbished…

Return of the Amiga

Maybe OctaMed also works in MorphOS

Morphos is an operating system running on a PowerPC computer called
Pegasos. Morphos is an Amiga-like OS, compatible with lots of amiga
progs. The Pegasos computer can also run Linux (yellowdog, mandrake,
Debian). It’s considered as the new generation Amiga (i guess u’ve
heard about the Amiga 500 or 1200…) with a modern OS

just for info


Octamed doesn’t work on morphos, but some trackers do.