Dream: electronica / 'tropical'

This is my first ‘finished’ track in a while; I have a lot of unfinished bits kicking around. Hopefully I can post more tracks soon.

I’d love to hear feedback on this one! As usual, I think my tracks might be too repetitive and I need to keep working on arrangement and composition. But this is a wavey melody that you might like.


Really nice tune, even though it’s very simple. Maybe the drums are slightly too classical but it must be a matter of taste.
Very cool ambience, it’s got something of Aphex Twin in the use of the voices and reverb.

Keep up!

I actually like the stripped-down feel of the track.

And the little counter-melody that appears twice is really sweet :slight_smile:

Thanks! The drums were something I laid down quite early as I was trying for an 80s sound originally. Though I don’t think that’s how the track eventually turned out.

You’re right it’s rather simple, but my friends seem to like this one the most.