Dreamstation Dxi Timing Problems In Rns 2.5 (Using Dxi Shell)


Couple of issues in 2.5 when using Dreamstation dxi v2.3 (via dxi shell) that weren’t present in Renoise 2.1:

  1. Timing is very off unless you use the static processing buffer. Even when on, it’s not as tight as v2.1.

  2. Moving a dial on Dreamstation dxi and then presing play on Renoise moves dial to a random parameter (this does not happen however if you move the dial whilst Renoise is already playing, which is odd).

Thanks. :)

The handling of VST timing and buffers indeed has changed a bit for Renoise 2.5, in order to make it more “compatible” for other plugins. We do handle buffers & times now more like other sequences (Cubase, Reaper & Co).

That this now has broken Dreamstation’s timing, is nothing we can take care of. Even if this is a problem in Renoise, we do need the help of the plugin developers to be able to find out whats going wrong in the plugin. Could you please forward this problem to the DreamStation developers?

Oh, that’s a shame. DSDXi is no longer supported by the author so there is no hope there. Back to 2.1 I go then! :mellow:

Ooh, what about the other problem with the dials though - any fix for that?

Just an update on this in case there are any other nutters in the known universe who still use this lovely little synth with Renoise?!

  1. Timing is vastly improved the lower you set the audio buffer - 5ms or less. With ‘Use static processing buffer’ checked is pretty much bang on time anyway. Also if you have to increase your audio buffer for any reason for realtime playback, the timing problems are not there at all upon rendering. Fair enough. :)

  2. The issue with the random dials upon pressing play seems to happen mostly when you have previously loaded other songs into Renoise. Basically, if you totally quit Renoise before loading a song with DSDXi, it doesn’t appear to happen (or certainly nowhere near as often). I also disabled ‘Can run in multi processor environments’ around the same time, which possibly makes a difference but I really can’t confirm it TBH.

Anyway, the problems obviously lie with DSDXi, but it’s certainly still useable in 2.5 thanks to the plugin options box. :)