Dred Bass?

Hey guys. I’m wanting to recreate that sub bass thats classic in garage. Anyone have any ideas on how we can do this efficiantly in Renoise? I’m guessing Sines for sub but im stuck there =P

Anyhelp would be appreciated… Thanks!



At about 1 min in… what im looking for is the reallly deeeeep almost hover. You hear it ALOT on speed garage aswell.

Edit God I LOVE future garage <3

So I guess what am after isn;t the dred bass atall then?

ohhh okay! THANKS JENOKI!



Isn’t these types of subbasses related to “missing fundamental” and the art of mastering/compressing rather than some technique of samples themselves?

Hmm I’m not sure I understand what your saying to be honest Cralias, If there is some reads you can post I will DEFINITLY read 'um! =)


I remember stumbling upon this while searching for some explanation on what exactly is psychoacoustics. Missing fundamental is about brain being “tricked” into perceiving a lower frequency without it actually being there in the signal (therefore, missing) by using it’s harmonics in some ninja way. That way bass feels really deep and booming without going through the roof of 0 db.

I haven’t digged in it myself much more than that (as to what stuff is needed to actually get that done properly) but see if the lead on this thing helps to you somehow.


That’s how low-end aural exciters/bass enhancers are meant to work.

So that’s how it is then - no magic dust involved :D

I suddenly feel guilty of bringing unholy seeds of modern pop techniques into the community of actually inspired and inspiring music. Albeit unintentionally.

I was just wondering the other how people do that. makes it sound much more robust.

how can we do this with default install of renoise?

Sine waves in your lowest registry, saw waves or combination waves in your higher registries. The Bass in the track example that you posted sounds like there’s an LFO on the gain of the subbass and cutoff of a lowpass filter. I wrote a tutorial on a technique I use to get thumping subbass. Check it out if you want.