Drew Tweedy's Official Guide To Not Doing It Wrong: Genre Definiti

Something that was gonna be a facebook status rant, but turned out to be so much more.

Have you seen Ishkur’s Guide to Electronic Music?


Amen to that.

Been around for ages although see it has been adjusted slightly. Always been good even if not 100% agreed with.

You might also like The Evolution Of Western Dance Music if you’ve not seen it. Although not that closely related it’s quite a nice little minute animation type thing.


Real Techno:

I think Strongbad pretty much nailed the definition in that clip.

I don’t know any musician really interested in those categories, and most people seem to be clueless when it comes to tagging their own music on soundcloud. Thank god. ^_^

strange and pointless rant there.
techno was a term derived from the word technology by the mass media in the early 80’s.
back in the day any music made with ‘technology’ was called techno.
old analog drum machines and general lack of imagination led to the familiar 4/4 beet we all know and despise today.
while there are lots of sub-genres of techno like trance and progressive house, it is in essence the same thing.

nice to know that trance is older than north american house.

I know that’s not what you mean. i think.

but i always heard trance as a faster version of house beats with techno style instruments. and prolly ‘prettier’/euro-type melodies used. and cyberpunk/futurist ethos replaced by hippy idealism. weird. you see a subgenre and i think it’s a fusion house/techno/psychedelic genre.

but i’m an amercian and using american genre definitions, so what would i know?

i always like a good rant, though.