Drift - Dubnoize (Usb-Step)


well this took me quite a while to finish, been at it for about 3 months now. but am very pleased with the result. first time i attempt to produce something involving dubs and breaks :P

hope you like it :)

Going for that dark, ominous vibe, I thought that main theme, repeating bombastic melody lead/bass-combo needed more variation, it stays the same for around 3 minutes! :) I like when it finally switches to something else, but again not enough changes in the last minute or so to keep me interested.

There’s some automation/modulation of a lfo going on, but I think you could process the lead much harder over time, changing the timbre more dramatically. Besides whats stated above, the production sounds good here, will check on speakers tomorrow.

this is awesome,really like this,great job,love the feel in the track :walkman:

Very Dark, almost Soundtrack like. Really brought the images to me. Well done!!

thanks guys!

jonas > i understand what you mean, and i think your right till a certain extend. i find it quite difficult to “fuck around” with a melody-line without breaking the vibe it has. it has been always been my achilles. so i kept it a bit save in this track indeed. partially because i did like the flowing it had also, but that was more a lucky coincidence :P

Good one, i realy love power and heaviness of this tune. It sounds like dubstep should sound :)

well thanks guys those were some really nice comments! B)