Drill With Molten Cheese

Oldie revisited today:


I’m not sure what to think of it.

Sounds like it never got old.

Lush, crisp, eastern, complete.

Thanks for listening! :drummer:

Molten? :lol:

Yeah it sounds more molted than molten… :rolleyes:

Your damned cat has molted cheese all over my carpet again! Or should that be hair? ;)

edited the topic title for the Engrish gestapo :yeah: :D

more like stiff, like my penis when hearing ur tunes :badteeth:

it’s strange, but it works. some musical phrases with the bass seem to be generated through a semi random mechanism ; however they follow the ultrafast beat so it’s cohesive. great pads in the background that compensate/balance well the crazyness of rythm structure. another good musical experience.