Drone Note once triggered

I am searching a way to trigger a note just once in a pattern.

No Note Off and no Retrigger after its looping. I know it would be possible with 2 Sequenced Pattern, but its not comfortable. Thinking about in combination with Phrases and polymetric stuff.
Is there a way?

When it’s looping, auto seek should work. Atleast for samples, not for VSTi’s
autoseek_drone.xrns (3.6 MB)

I believe the glide command (G), with a value of FF, works for looping without retriggering



Yep this works, too.

Thanks for all the answers. You are great! Another way is using the ZB00 Command to jump, but just a hack for one looping pattern. Its also important to turn Autoseek Off if you are using Phrases that loop independent…
The Glide Command looks promising!

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