Dropbox-Instrument Collaboration

Hi dudes,

just got the idea, we could create a folder in Dropbox, everybody is allowed to share instruments.
They should be free of copyright, or similiar ;)

Am I the only one who likes the idea?

The problem with Dropbox is that sharing files is deducted from your own dropbox space if everybody is sharing the same folder.
It might be a good idea to reserve some space to share some of your own instruments and then simply share the link of that folder, in that way a lot more space can be used.

A lot of software is incorporating cloud based systems in one way or another…
I like the idea of having a marketplace for both free and paid assets for Renoise - not only xrni, but doofers, effect chains etc. :)/> I have dedicated some time to writing such system which i may share at some point in time!

A lot of apps are using Dropbox’s API to work as “native” storage. That would work pretty dang sweet if adding samples could seamlessly sync them to your Dropbox