Drowning Sounds And Frequencies

I have been listening to a lot of songs made in Renoise. One thing that i noticed, and bothered me, is that I hear a lot of strings,drums, pads, leads, etc that sound like its drowning. I dont know the term for it but I’ll try to explain. I kinda sounds like someone is covering up the sound and the synths or sample is trapped and can’t completely get out. Kinda like an over use of filters or it doesn’t sound lively.

Could it be too many effects, instruments conflicting with each other.

One other thing. I was reading about sound frequencies, but I forgot to bookmark the page. It was about what frequency bass, pads, drums, etc should be at or else you would get the type of sound you want. If anyone have any information on frequency I would appreciate a response.

can you point us to a specific example of one of these songs?

is it a XRNS file or is it a MP3/OGG file?

lots of us are simply hobbyists so the results and the samples used may strongly depend on the budget one decided to invest in his hobby. Since in Renoise you can use VST/AU/LADSPA plugins, virtually there is no difference with other applications.

One possible explanation is that people really are using too many effects on their tunes.

Another possible explanation is that your ears are used to music with a higher RMS level than most hobbyists can tastefully manage; records that are on-the-average quieter (with the same peak volume) will sound dull in comparison to records that are on-the-average louder… there’s definitely a psychoacoustical phenomenon where louder music sounds “better” than softer music.

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