Drum generator WIP

I’m trying some drum sound generator.
So far I only have kick, snare, hihat and creation with Karplus-Strong.
It is designed in pure data and now I am converting the algorithms.
I don’t want to release it yet because I want to redo a few things, but ideas would be useful. Thanks.
some pictures.



It would be dope to incorporate FM into some/all of the generators for added grit/character/IDM goodness :slight_smile:

Also, maybe a tunable body component with selectable waveforms for the snare? K-S sometimes is nice on a snare, too, for interesting more physical sounding resonance


Oh wow, I wants it! For real.

Kick drum is based on sqrt wave going through cos shaper into lowpass filter.
Snare is drum with noise going through highpass, bandpass and lowpass filter.
Hihat is 2x sine wave with different freqs with noise going through 3x highpass filter.
Karplus is still my experiment.
But kick generate nice pulses like from Kraftwerk :slight_smile:
I make few changes and release beta.
Maybe tomorrow if something doesn’t go wrong, as has been completely normal for me :frowning:


This looks very useful and interesting.

All sounds great, man. Good luck pulling it together. I’m going to have to do a video on all the tone generator tools at our disposal before long. You’ve added so many good ones to the arsenal! :metal:

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First going to say “Thank you” …this looks real fun!

Noticing there is a selectable volume envelope; would it make sense to have a “pitch envelope” as well?
Wondering if there is a way to “add new envelopes” to these dropdown lists?

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@martblek Another idea, probably a tough one to do -

In the ZynZilla tool, there’s a dropdown menu for a variety of standard/non-standard waveforms. I saw you specifying which waveforms were being used to create each sound, and wondered if that particular dropdown menu might be an option. Then, we’d have nearly endless drum/percussion tones.

Screenshot 2022-11-07 at 5.43.09 PM

Since I haven’t heard what you’ve created yet, maybe this is not necessary, and maybe your instrument creates enough sounds as it is! We’ll find out :smiley:

I also thought of using it, but I have no idea what would come out of it. It’s true that anything else is richer in harmony than sin/cos. I’ll try it. The truth is that many of those sounds can then be created.

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There are basically 41 volume envelopes so far.
Some could be adjusted, there may not be x^3, x^4 but x^N. Adding your own envelopes is not planned yet, because I haven’t solved any custom widget that would allow it. The creation of envelopes is actually done mathematically.

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Ultimately, this is a sample generator- the end user can modify the sound via envelopes afterwards. This is not dissimilar to other tools I work with in this regard. Importantly, it’s Renoise-native.

@martblek, I’m proud of ‘ya for making this. I love having tools for this sequencer that work inside its own environment. The less need for external plugins, the better!

Volume envelopes are just a quick option for those who don’t want to play with the settings.
It is primarily intended as a sample generator and not an instrument.

Just turn it off and then you can set what you want in the instrument.

Unfortunately, now I have solved it so that the generator creates a kick for C-3, snare C#3, hihat D-3, karplus D#3, so the envelope created using renoise would affect all samples.
I will probably convert this to the creation of individual instruments.


THANK YOU!!! This will offer much more in the way of getting more sounds to the end-user. Plus, it will teach many more about the general synthesis and sample usage of percussive sounds. A bass-drum sample, pitched up 10 octaves makes beautiful clicking sounds, for example. Really looking forward to this - the more we can work inside Renoise, the more money the end-user can save, and the more they can learn!

Today I rewrote part of the gui code and saved 70%.
I’m looking for the best possible initial setup. I want to do morphing in the tool.
I need to add something and rewrite something.
I made a short video but I’m not a YouTuber so sorry for the quality.
I also dragged the sliders just like that so sometimes the sound is crazy.



Dope :fire:
Looking forward to release!

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this is very cool! I hope taktik will someday make support for such tools for realtime work. this would greatly expand the renoise itself for sound design

I had a bug just now, randomizing a clap, did some manual cutting inside renoises sample editor and pressed the randomize button again in the tool gui;
"Users\pluge\AppData\Roaming\Renoise\V3.4.2\Scripts\Tools\cz.martblek.AlmostDrums.xrnx\main.lua’ failed in one of its notifiers.

Please contact the author (martblek (martblek)) for assistance…

std::logic_error: ‘invalid frame index ‘9628’. valid values are (1 to 9627).’
stack traceback:
[C]: in function ‘set_sample_data’
.\src/render.lua:476: in function ‘render_sample’
.\src/gui.lua:958: in function ‘randomize_selected_sample’
.\src/gui.lua:1037: in function <.\src/gui.lua:1036>"

I never thought that someone would manually drill into the sample :slight_smile:
I’ll have to check it out.
thanks for the info.

This bug affects all my “realtime” tools :frowning:

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loving this tool, especially the new cymbal generator.

a request for the next update, can we see what kind of filters are at work for the hihats and cymbals? Or are they all of one kind?