Drum Machine By Tokyoplastic

Here is a different sort of flash anim consisting of little characters playing the drums with their heads.


Link perhaps? :P

Oh yeah! THANKS!



Looks like its done with a 3d program and then converted into a flash file, not that it makes it any less good.

If you have a look at the main site, you’ll see a logo of Swift 3D, i suppose, that this program was used for this animation.


I did a bit of searching and I think http://www.tokyoplastic.com/menu.html is actually the main site, or just an old one.

Either way around there are a few more bits on there to check out :)

I actually dont think is that good, mainly because the animations start when the sound of the specific drum start, which means that sometimes the guy in the animation hits the drum much later than the sound is heard … and thats something that can be easily fixed. its a good animation, but not a “oh my god I freak out” one. :D