Drum n Bass track screencast

I was working with this track last week,dont know,i think it still need a something like vocal,or main lead synth.Anyway,video version sounds more professionally

Old track:


hi, sweeeet track, and nice ableton tracker ;D

Nice beat! I would say you could try some MID Bass in there…something that growls through the mix.

i’ve used Fl studio skin before this:))

Btw,you should knew that,if you are joined in renoise russian community on vk:))

ohhh,it because cabinet simulator,i forgot to turn if off before starting to record video

Perhaps as background fx lead, you could add some subtle high octave sine lead that noteglides up and down (full octave and 3/5 semitones switches with fast portamento transitions / medium to instant inertia) on sub-groove countermeasures (between the main beats) and sustaining full measure notes on exact beats.
The main bassline, chord progression sound great, the saw lead punches could be mixed down a bit lower, but if that is the lead track where you used the cabinet simulator, i suspect this will change anyway.

oh i was on vk for some time but i forgot my password and forgot about vk also : D

Yes,any change will lead to changes in the whole track.Thanks for tip with synth!)

Last time i think similar)