Drum Patterns (mainly House Music)

I have been struggling with this problem for a while and don’t know who to ask or start. I 've been listening to house music for a while and decided to make house music in renoise. My problem is with drum patterns.
I listen to the pros make these funky drum patterns but I can’t imitate their rhythm at all. I know the basic kick and snare. But I have no clue whats happening in between the kick and snare. It sounds good but I cant figure out the rhythm they use for low hat, tambourine, rim shot etc. Any help is appreciated thanks

check out the house genres in the electronic section here: http://www.renoise.com/songs.php

dl some renoise tunes and check how other producers fill the space between kick & snares.

good luck


mmmm, in my memory there used to be renoise songs shared as well other then mp3 versions, but now I have a hard time finding any! Maybe some of the house guys here can help you :)

Yeah, I was looking for that but could not find it.

try sampling a few bars of a song, load it into renoise and sync it to 1 patternlength, and then recreating it with your own sounds. that usually demystifies alot of what is going on

Yeah I discovered doing this a while ago and it’s really helpful.

Thanks I’ll give it a shot.

Here’s a nice free sample pack with some loops and kicks and random sounds.