Drum Processing

Just wondering what methods people use for processing their drums and making percussive elements. I am looking to get a xanopticon/ Venetian Snares feel. Basically, I want to maintain the feel of breakbeat music but using more processed, manipulated sounding drums. I’m shooting for something beyond just throwing some distortion on a track. If your a venetian snares fan, think huge chrome cylinder box. Any suggestions?



This address should bring you to a sample of what I’m talking about. Just copy and paste in your browser.



just an idea here.

i run a mac and don’t have any of the plugind needed for that file. I actually got that from you in my other post. It just sounds like eq changes when I play it without the plugins it needs.

hey, hesiken.

Did you ever check out the last track I wrote by the way? I pretty much finished that track i had you listen to before. You should check it out.

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renoise has this fantastic instr envelopes section. I suggest you load in yer standard drum samples, set (short?) loop-points in 'em, and play around with the envelope settings. Bamm, more interesting snares in a minute

combine this with pattern commands (@ high bpm speed) & vst and there are no limits. (Also, use the render to sample option and program the rendered bits back into the pattern -> + after the song is done or during working on a track, you can always export the drum track(s) to .wav & render in vst effects in a wav editor. For example reverse the sample and render in reverb / backwards delays etc)


You mentioned chrome cilinder… by venetian snares. The drum sounds on that CD are pulled through a child’s toy. It’s called circuit bending. There’s a video on youtube under that name, with music by venetian snares.


i create all drums by myself)

Yeah, the chrome cylinder album’s loaded with bent speak n’ spell noises. NI’s Reaktor has some amazing random sound generators and effects, I’m betting those guys use something like that to get those harsh glitchy samples. I haven’t tried Kontakt, but it seems like you could do similar stuff w/ that.

trendy? naahh…