Drum Recording Studio Materials

I’ve been searching vainly for any sort of helpful information regarding the best type of materials used in drum recording studios, as the reverb plugin I’m using allows me to set a room material filter to imitate real acoustic spaces. So I was hoping someone here might be able to give me some sort of lead on this subject? Maybe it’d help knowing some of the top recording studios in the world and checking out their websites for material information, if they make this available. But I’m not really sure which are classed as the top studios in the world?

For example, the types of materials I can set are things like 9mm plasterboard, carpet, gypsum board, wood floor, acoustic tile, acoustic foam, 6mm glass etc. I’d just like to know which sort of material is usually used in a drum booth to give the best, most natural sound.

hey, start here:

Do it yourself walkthrough

good luck.


Thanks for the links. :)

I’ll have a play around with some of the acoustic foam presets as it appears that’s what’s generally used, or perhaps simulate acoustic tiles on the ceiling or a hardwood floor if it sounds good too. Thanks again.

n prblem.

I actually re-thought this a bit. The acoustic foam in drum and vocal booths is of course designed to counteract the effects of reverb, so when using this sort of preset in the reverb plugin, the early and late reflections are pretty much dampened completely of course. Don’t know why I hadn’t thought of this earlier. So instead of trying to recreate a real studio drum booth environment, I should just be choosing any of the other, less absorbant materials to actually achieve the desired reverb effect, which I’ve done now.