Drum Rolls / Fills In Renoise

Can anyone help me out with programming realistic sounding drum rolls and fills in Renoise please. I produce D&B and really want to get the big multi drum rolls just before a track kick in.

The sort of sound that you’d here Carlito or even Pendulum using a lot.

All my attempts sounds to glitchy!

I’ve tried bringing in a recorded .wav of a good example D&B drum roll, placing it in a column and then trying to place drum hits to match in other columns. When I mute the original mine sounds rubbish!!!

Any tips on this and producing D&B using Renoise in general would be much appreciated.

1# try starting a little l8r in the sample, with 0901 or 0902 (depending on the sample ofcourse) in the pattern editor. then add a delay (which is supposed to be the roll), and some flanger/phase.

2# i often find 900 effective. example;

C-4 0000 - 0907
C-4 0000 - 0905
C-4 0000 - 0903
C-4 0000 - 0901
(add fadeIn volum)

did this make any sense? :blink:

Make sure you use “note continue” on the percussion samples in the instrument properties and sometimes playing percussion samples backwards, polyphonic with the sample being rolled forwards, may achieve more realistic sounds than using a delay. But reverb may also apply this similar effect. (I had no reverb options in IT)

i think the best thing you can do is to create a multi-instrument. means, using not only one drum sample but several to make it sound more realistic…

I know what you mean I have had that little problem for years. Still have. First of all make your DnBass tracks with the speed on 3, more difficult? its a must unless u intend to only use looped beats.

A simple but KickAss fill is : take your fat snare sample (just 1) and place it in row 48 till 64 while skipping row 49, 51, skipping all uneven numbers. r you still with me? now make all other drums mute starting from row48. and dont change notes on the snare. Use the right samples, adjust the volume to make it fit in the mix and add a tiny little magic VST (reverbe?) powder.

Variations: Start the fill from row 32; make all other tracks mute when the fill starts; replace the snare at row 60 and 62 with a low tom or use 1 or 2 uneven row numbers like 61 and 63. Off course succes is not guaranteed. But its simple.


Read the above

iff it still sounds rubbish, then youre not using the right snares. I found out that most one punch snares sound too dry. Never use dry snares in DnB. Make them sound fat with some VST’s

I’ve got another tip. In the old days when I people used to dance on speedbubbling here in holland we just took the kick and 1 instument from row 00 and made a fill exaclty like i described. But then replace the snare with the kick+instr, or randomly snare, blank space an kick… just fool around with that concept.

Thanks guys. I’m not after creating a rolling sound to the beats though, I know how to do that. I wan to programme a drum roll as if a real drummer was moving around the kit for a quick drum fill. Do you know what I mean?

i think i know exactly what you mean, because i always wanted to do it too. my efforts weren’t too good either. can you upload a sample of some artist you mentioned doing that drum roll…don’t know them.

Star man Rego, I actually thought about that method the other day as I’ve recently started to use Kontakt to cut up my breaks and had wondered if I’d be able to re-create a good sounding drum roll in the same way. Thanks