Drum Samples vs VST

Ok, I’m a bit confused…
Right now I’m downloading Battery to try it, after I used ezDrummer a couple of times for certain drum sounds.

As I see it it might not be necessary for me to set up these or similar VSTs, 'cause Renoise itself has got all the functions to manipulate samples. So I guess a well sorted sample library is all I’m looking for. And I think I don’t need this huge amount of one-shots and loops offered with Battery for example - 12GB of samples seems just to be too much for me and my HDD.

It’s possibly a matter of taste, but I like to work with Renoise exclusively as far as possible; I’ve got a few synth VSTs, but only to generate sounds and then sample and manipulate it. I thought about doing all my sounds synthezised from simple layered waveforms inside Renoise already, but it’s a bit difficult to simulate an acoustic jazz set this way, even I’m astonished every day while discovering the options of Renoise more and more.

However - I need some help or hints.

Aren’t there any good quality drum libraries to find without any software build around?
I tried some free libraries, but the most sounds like… well - not good.
So what do you use to track your drums, especially if you make jazzy D’n’B or Dubstep like Kryptic Minds for example?

What’s the type of file in your easy drummer content folder? If its wav, those can be dropped straight into an instrument slot.

I use, “any old sample,” and then shape it with a bunch of vsts. I find myself, “not worried,” about the original quality of the sample, but those eq skills take a little practice. :slight_smile:

If you want some nice stuff, you might look here: http://www.esoundz.com/

you know, “you can slice, dice, those things up,” take whatever you want from the beat, or use the whole loop. They have kits too. You have to explore the website… some of the stuff is very expensive, some of the stuff is very cheap…

Edit = be very careful with this one: http://powerfx.com/ but take a look. I know esounds well, but powerfx… I think I bought vocal 1 shots from them like, “years ago.”

the sound quality is alright… I dunno…

I understand what you are saying about, “freesounds.” Its hit and miss… lol!! You have to dig, and hunt!!!

Thanks - already dug the whole night (ehrm…) and found some great stuff here and here.

Unfortunately - yes, the ezDrummer-files are *.wav - it’s impossible for me to grab them. Tried several times, but somehow they seem to be protected. If anybody knows how to handle this let me know, please. Especially the ‘Vintage-Set’ of ezDrummer is excellent sounding - but it’s also possible to record and cut.

And now I’ll dive into the sample-keyzones-universe to build some inspiring drumsets again… :walkman:/>

You should be able to use the “Render Plugin to Instrument” feature of renoise. But .wavs that are unfindable or somehow unopenable?? I wouldn’t know. Most packs I’ve downloaded that came with patch files for Battery, Kontakt, and 12 other sampler vsts had a separate folder with the .wavs in it accessible!

Edit: I also compose my own drum samples now with overtune :D there is gonna be a sample pack out pretty soon.

Yes, tried the Plugin Grabber, but since I’m not already completely firm with all options of Renoise it took me a long time to adjust the grabber-options to sample a set with a ride over it’s complete length and not have to cut all ‘shorter’ sounds afterwards. So I’m still faster cutting a long sample into pieces. (Hints?)

No prob with the libraries of battery to copy, but really had no luck with ezDrummer…

I tried Overtune a few weeks ago and read your postings about - GREAT!

Tried to open the *.wavs from EZ again.
Renoise says:
“Windows DirectShow Audio: no decoder can handle the given audio file, or decoding failed (Internal Error: ‘Failed to render the graph [80040265]’).”
In Foobar:
“Unable to open item for playback (Unsupported format or corrupted file):

Sounds like it may not really be a wav, well by that I mean not PCM coded uncompressed as you would expect. I believe somebody found similar with the samples packed with another well known DAW recently and on investigation they turned out to be .ogg files with the wav extension.

Try GSpot or CCCP Insurgent to find out what the file is (VLC has a very good Properties page for files as well actually and I have found it better for some video files recently.) You may be able to simple change the extension or RAW Import into Renoise once you know their actual format ;)/>/>

Thanks for your hints. Yesterday I tried it using VLC already - the same with GSpot now: Absolutely no information.
At the Recording Projectsomeone says “EZ Drummer WAV files use the Toontrack proprietary TPC format, so it is not possible to open them with any other applications.”