Drum Samples: Where Can I Get Them?

Can anyone tell me where can I download drum samples, free? :)

http://www.dorumalaia.com/ <— I heard those are good.

Try searching the forum. Somwhere here is a sticky topic with LOTS odf sample links.

They don´t have much samples there but they´re superior I think:


The best synthesised kick collection I’ve found on the web:

They’re presets from an excellent creamware plugin called Adern KickMe, and they’re HUGE, seemingly coming out auto-compressed…

http://www.naturalstudio.co.uk has some of the best free acoustic drum samples I’ve heard. :drummer:

dooleydrums.com, I love this site :drummer:

These do look like very promising samples. But what is the SFP platform? I’ve downloaded the KickMe device since I want to make my own, but how do I get it working?