Drum Vst Or Samples?

Hi guys,

i´m looking for a drum VST plugin or samples for rock/metal music.
I tried drumatic which i suppose is more for electronic style music.
Also tried the addictive drums demo which sounds nice but is not cheap at $250 for a beginner.

Does anybody know a decent plugin which is free or cheap?

I am not in this genre active but i have seen this .
It is the open source drum kit ^_^

There are also some XRNI kits you can test out of the box…:

EWQL Stormdrum!

great tipps, thx alot!

also check out Toontrack’s Drumkit from Hell, featured in some of Meshuggah’s records

the demo version of addictive drums can actually go quite a long way to do the basic beats of a metal track. the dw kick is nice and can probably be a good metal kick if eq’d properly. the snare is great especially if you program rimshots on 2 and 4. the open hihat should work as well.

but there are no toms, rides, crashes and chinas in the demo version so you’d have to get them elsewhere. i think you can find those sounds in the free version of sampletank 2.5 but i’m not sure if they cut it.

that’s a great tip! http://www.toontrack…cts.asp?item=84 <— really cheap imo. i think that they actually need quite a bit of tweaking to sound really “metal”. i guess there are mix presets to get “clickier” kicks and such. can’t figure out if it is standalone though or if ezdrummer is needed.

superdrumfx - most realistic free drum vst that I’ve encountered,