Drumatic 3 kick clips horribly in Renoise

I’m using Drumatic 3.02 with Renoise 3.4.3 (64-bit). All other sounds are ok except the kick drum which just makes loud clipping noise (volume bars show red). Changing the preset or kick drum parameters has no effect.

Does it work for anyone else? No problems in Reaper with the plugin.

can confirm with the lastest version available on e-phonic page.

does not happen with an earlier version of the plugin which i have installed.

as it is a free plugin, i hope it’s OK to be shared here:

make sure you delete the “Drumatic 3” subfolder (presets) in the place where your .dll file resides.
its content will be recreated for this version as soon as you start the plugin for the first time.

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Thanks! Apparently the earlier version is still available from e-phonic as well, just need to copy the download link url and change the version to 3.01:


yes i can confirm that and itsganarate something really interesting sound when you hit the snare and kick … :flight_departure:
Wow that interesting…

Also i check Drumatic 4 (x64)and its work fine.

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