Drumkit Question Using Nanopad2 Midi Controller

I’ve recorded the situation:

My idea is to use my new Nanopad2 as a drumkit
Problem: When I want to record only the “kick”, renoise writes also notes at the “clap” and “hihat” tracks. Same visa versa when I only want to record the “clap” or “hihat”.
What do I have to do to let Renoise record only the notes of the sample that I want to record?

I know that I can solve this problem with creating a drum kit at the normal way, but when I do that I can’t select a different option by “Assign to track” for each sample.

Maybe I’ve to change the “channel” for each sample?? That is selectable from “any”, 1 to 16. I don’t know how this works… When I change this I’ve no sounds… But maybe i’ve to use this for the solution??

Thanks in advance for your help :)

You can’t. It’s one of the current shortcoming of Renoise and you’ll find plenty of threads on the subject if you search the forum.

You’ve already got further than some people though. A Tool could be scripted to tidy things up afterwards (even in almost real-time maybe?) but there is no native way.

:( Thanks for your quick reply. I already was thinking: This should be too good to be true ;) I hope renoise will find a solution for this soon…