Drums, Another Amen ?

I been playing around with the amen beat and its been great fun, but ther is still alot of things i dont understand about making beats

do you use singel drum hits and beats, like amen, in the same beat, playing same tmie ?

how do you feel about using beats from records, or cd… I guess you have to ask before you use it…

do you go beat hunting i recordshops or do you find you beats on the net?

There are alot of methods to working with breaks and beats. I would say for purposes of having origional material, chop your breaks into individual pieces and re-sequence them into new patterns, and layer with other beats that you have done the same with, or figure out ways to layer pieces of breaks with others to make new ones- or a combination of the two. Pitch them up, down, stretch them, distort them, reverse them- There isn’t really any rules or certain way it’s done… to each their own… there are infinite ways to exploit beats. As far as where to get them… digging in record crates and sampling them, ripping cd’s and taking the parts you want, downloading, recording drummers, sample packs, beats from your friends, synthesizers… anywhere you can get your hands on them and into your computer is good enough, just try to find the best sound quality you can, cause there are alot of bad renderings floating around. Give credit for audio samples you use whenever you can, but sometimes it’s not possible. Then there are the samples that are just obviously recognizable… if you are going to use them, get permission if you plan on publishing them, or mutilate and layer them to the point that no one will recognize them or call you on it. If it’s for personal use, then none of the rules apply to you… go nuts! Soon enough you will develope a good work flow and style that works for you… just kep doing it and it will be like second nature.

cool…thanx, think Ill take a trip to the record shop for some old funk-jazz records…

I just tried to loop the amen beat with an old hip hop beat and it was pretty funny…still the “overall” sound gets a little “muddy-unclear” when to beats play the same time… but i guess this is where eq´s and other effekts are to be used…

you said “chop your breaks into individual pieces and re-sequence”

do you mean that you break it up using offset??


would a tool like recycle be good to trim an find out bpm before putting the beat in renoise.?

I personally chop my beats by hand in renoise’s sample editor… I roughly select the area I want to chop from the beat, leaving some extra on the sides, then I paste into the first sample slot of a new instrument… then I zoom on on both sides and trim off the excess, and I sometimes fade the end of the hit, depending on what sound I’m looking for… I don’t always cut single hits either, as with some loops, it’s better to chop entire sequences of hits…

as I often do breakcore inspired music, I tend to chop my loops in as many ways as possible, so that I always find the right sound to use in the next part of my drum sequence… and I often restrict similar loop hits to one channel so that I can take advantage of the monophonic “lets cut off the previous hit with the next one” effect… which makes for some nifty sounding fast breaks… but if you’re not into breakcore or DnB, you can ignore me any time now…

as for making epic prodigy-or-chemicalbros-style breaks though, don’t ask me how to do it… I’ve never managed to figure out how to make Big Beats that sounds good :(

No, I mean more what Bytesmasher said… bring your breakbeats into a wave editor and chop the beat up into individual drum hits and small sections and drop into a sample slot in renoise. Recycle would be cool if renoise supported rex files, but you can use an instrument like intakt, kontakt, reflex… anything that will let playback rex files after creating them… this is alot faster than editing in a wave editor, but in the long run doing the labor in something like renoise or soundforge will pay off because you will be able to manipulate your kits better and do a whole lot more with your audio.

Using the sample offset is an awesome tool for manipulating your beats after you’ve made them. Once you start using your favorite breaks more and more, you’ll remember the different sample offset numbers and you won’t have to go into the wave editor to look and see what part of the beat you are trying trigger. It’s slow at first, but it’ll end up being the fastest way of manipulating beats once you get used to it.

thanx for the help…

ya know man, theres lots of people who have already done the feild work on sampling oldschool breakbeats. free an on the internets too!
labeled with what artist/group an song title. (since most all breakbeat names are taken from the original song)

the other day i uploaded some amen variations

loop7.wav <<<<<<= that one is used in a ton of n.american ragga jungle (it’s snares have a good chop sound to them)

all of them except loop7.wav is 1st or 2nd generation samples

Yes, all from the same source mind :) I have a tune with possibly the bassiest and best version of the amen I’ve ever heard. ‘The Bells’ on Eat life records (this is going back at least 10 years now) is what it’s called. Unfortunately, it’s really badly warped, and I cannot get it to play even one loop, and it 's soo crisp :(

nice beats Choise… do you use some kind of tempo/bpm tool to get different beats to fit in the same song, or do you multislice/ofset trigger your beats so they fit…I never had an Amen beat go so fast as that Aamen gene…