Drums filter sweep?

Hi, can anybody tell me how to achieve this kind of classic drum & bass/ jungle drums filter sweep / EQ sweep?

example at 2.22 sec of this video total science - method - YouTube

(Ideally I’d want to be able to program it with commands in the fx columns)

…Im currently playing with Envelope commands for Cut Off envelope in the sample modulation, with some Okay results but lacking the resonance so probably needs some Macros setup.

also I’m aware of the Sample smoothing method, of repeatedly duplicating and smoothing the sample. Filtered drum rolls, how it was made historically?


I’d try use a Doofer device and two filters, add a bit of resonance and fast attack scaling to the LP filter.

Then you have the macro knob in the Doofer to change the effect, you can right click on the knob to paste the FX command in the pattern.

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Doofer Filter amen v1.xrns (206.7 KB)
Just made a quick example

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Use analog filter device, automate cutoff and reso


Thanks a lot, that is perfect :blush::+1:t2:, …I had played with the DJ filter doofer a bit but forgot you can right-click to then program in the FX column. But the custom made Doofer you made is way better and has the fine control. Thanks for the example too, it helped a lot. Just replicated it and works a treat :+1:t2:

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Those DnB guys used velocity filters a lot, sounds a bit like that. Is that possible in Renoise? I remember Halion could do it!

Yeah, you can add a Velocity tracker device to control a filter or Macro knob etc…

Oh man nice, is there a handy tutorial floating about anywheres? Cheers!

Check out the manual, it’s quite easy to set up, just insert the Velocity tracker and a Filter device and have a play :slight_smile:

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Thanks mate!