Drums! Help!

Hi guys,

Just got Renoise Tracker, and have spent a couple of weeks learning the basics.

Right. I want to start by creating drum tracks, but I have no wav drum samples. What’s the most professional route I should take? Is it possible to buy/download a sample pack full of hundreds of original drum sounds? If so, this is not really made clear? Are there any outlets or websites where I might purchase samples from? Are they usually wav? I’m not really interested in free samples, I want the pro route, I don;t mind paying.

Lastly, I actually have a Boss DR-660 drum machine. I tried connecting it via midi using renoise. You can see renoise punching in the midi information along the rows when I press the pads on the DR-660, but when I try to get Renoise to play back the pattern, a weird mixture of random drum sounds are played from the DR-660???. basically, they are not the same drum sounds produced when i hit the pads and had renoise recording the midi data.

Any help or coments would be really welcome. I’ll check back often.

Chris, London.

the best choice you could make, in my opinion, is getting Native Instruments Kontakt, a VST sampler, to work with Renoise, and get some drum samples DVD’s.

which ones to get it really depends on what kind of music you would want to compose; be more specific and maybe I can aim you to a specific set of drum samples. Kontakt has also some good built-in drums samples, actually, so they could even fulfill your needs.

regarding your second problem, maybe the problem is that you didn’t set the MIDI instrument properties correctly in Renoise: check out the left side of this image:

are you sure you have correctly set channel and program of the MIDI instrument?