I am currently using NI battery, because it has some features I love, for example the ease of use and the possibility to apply the velocity to the ADSR-Envelope (making it easy to make short and long drums with one sample), but what I am really missing in battery are pinpong-loops and atleast a simple LP-Filter … does anyone know of a better drumsampler ? what do you use ?

I mainly use Kontakt, but I use acoustic samples.

When I have to use electric samples, I just use RNI.

a velocity-device, which has been suggested some time ago by me, would be THE solution for you.

In the meantime… hmm… :drummer:


kontakt has been recommended to me before, but I dont know … I tried it once but it just slammed me with all the options … just seemed to be an overkill. can kontakt do the same as battery (especially this velocity-to-release thing) ? if yes I might give it another chance …

yes, it can.

Actually I’ve never used Baktery because it’s more specialized and Kontakt can import Baktery format.

I found Kontakt quite tricky in its interface, but still better than HAlion.
The worst is the send effects management in my opinion.

You can get used to it, and reading the manual will help you a lot.

maybe this can be helpful?

mhh, looks interesting. I will give it a shot. thanx for finding this.

One near-essential feature is the ability to map velocity to sample offset. Redrum and I think DR-008 can do this, but some others can’t…it lets you turn a handful of samples into a dynamic drum kit. It’s something that would be cool to be able to do in Renoise’s pattern editor, in fact.

Sonicbytes’ step sequencers EST and ERA really are the dog’s bollocks IMO. If you’re trying the EST demo, can you do a little test for me though? After having loaded a sample into it, play some notes, and whilst playing them, drag the gain slider (top right hand corner of EST) all the way to the left. EST/Renoise crashes on me when I do that, which is a real pity, since EST is such a gosh darn awesome plugin (just as Renoise is such a gosh darn awesome host). :P

buy a novation ks-rack,
that’s a synth with drum / percussion oscillators (YES: oscillators, like: no PCM);
interesting for creating / sampling your own drumsounds…
check out www.novationmusic.com