dry/wet controls inside redux? And Multisample question...

Hi everybody

I have 2 questions for you-“redux veterans”

  1. Is there a “trick” to obtain a dry/wet control over effects like (for example) the scream filter that (I don’t know why) doesn’t have it?

  2. Can I record several synth notes (C2,C3,C4,C5…) inside redux in ONE SINGLE sample and use the slice function to split samples WITHOUT the drum kit mode is automaticaly activated so that I can freely create my ranges and keyzones? I really don’t know HOW to disable DRUM KIT mode when I silce a sample :frowning:

Many Many thanx! :rolleyes:

Edit: Solved!

  1. : using sends!!

  2. : right click on sample list and choose desctructive editing for samples!