Dry/Wet for Sends

As the topic description states, there should be a dry/wet fader as well. At this moment there’s a Mute source (dry 0%, wet 100%), keep source (100%, 100%), and amount (how much is sent to the send). The problem with this is that if you keep the source and occasionally punch into the send, you get louder moments because both the dry and wet are played on top of each other. You should be able to fade between dry (track 03 for ex) and the wet (s02 for ex).

Unless someone has a work around for this…

It’s called a “Gainer” device and you place it behind the send while “Keep source”

+1 for dry/wet

as it is, you only add dB of send signal - and of course there is workaround but why ?
it would be nice to have dry/wet % wise, when 100% dry = 100% of original signal and 0 % send signal
and 100% wet = 0% original signal and 100% send signal

It’s also called “all fx/vst should have dry/wet controls” :o


… not to mention “extrapolate” or “oversaturate” (Dripping?)… for those times when you just don’t have enough effect …

0% …50%…100%

The last one would invert the dry signal and overlay it onto the effected signal… thereby subtracting the dry from the wet ;)

Gainer? Isn’t that pretty much the same thing as moving the volume fader on the track itself?

So pretty much you’re saying to automate the send and the gainer? Ok, I’ll give that a shot. :)

Ha ha, YES!!! :w00t:

There are certain plugins I don’t want to use because there’s no dry/wet. I only use those plugs for accenting ends of scenes. ex: DFX Scrubby

That dripping sounds kinda cool… and pervy. :)

If that were to be added, I think that maybe there should be a switch to turn on drippy.

0% …100%…Off

0% …50%…100%

Cause I wouldn’t want to always use that feature. Just when I want them girl’s coochies to drip.

It depends, if you touch the pre-fader with pattern effect commands or automation you could either twist them to your benefit (balancing the wet/dry signal) or to your inconvenience (you desire a fixed dry/wet mix)
Ofcourse you could also use the post-fader but then again, you can’t control the post fader from inside the song.
And it is only an answer to the question if a workaround exists. Nothing more.

i never understood why send device uses a pre gain thing instead of dry/wet.
is it a better way? what am i missing.

I’ve decided to just have the audio wobble up and down. I’ll just export the song into separate tracks and multitrack it in Audition.