Dsi Mopho

Anybody get their hands on one yet? I just purchased one online today, waiting for it to be shipped. Just trying to spark conversation to hype myself up for it to arrive.

I want to get one, but I’ve been holding off. Part of me wants an analog synth, but the other part of me is a broke college student. If it continues to get rave reviews I might buy one, but I’m worried about having to set up the hardware each time I want to work on my tunes.

i’m also a broke college student ;)

unfortunately for me the mopho’s beautiful “analog at an affordable price” pulled me in like a fat kid on cake. just could resist. i may not eat for a few months but whatever…

Well, when you get it tell me how you like it and how well it integrates with your setup.
$400 might be cheap for an analog synth, but that $400 can get you a lot of cool software thats much more flexible. But then again, I don’t think software will ever sound as good as a real analog synth, so its a compromise.

Isn’t it monophonic and monotimbral? I think it’s pretty limited in sequencing, and useful only if you record it back to computer instead of using it directly.

Suva: It all depends on how you compose though. ;)

monophonic yes, although it has 2 oscillators each with sub-oscillators (or sub octave generators to be technical). I think you can tune the oscillators seperately if you want to do intervals or some shit.

Yeah it is limited (compared to software), which is why hardware in general appeals to me. I make better music when there are limits, and I think most people do too. I think the the 16 step sequencer on it is perfectly useful. I mean, people still pay a couple of grand for a 303, which is much more limited by comparison.

i have lots of software. lots of software synths, i am big into reaktor and max/msp so i have enough flexibility for sure when it comes to digital. i just want that one phat analog bass line or lead synth that just can not ever be matched in sound quality by digital.

to me it’s an insrument. i am not looking to make complete pieces on it. it’s just a really nice sounding instrument that adds to the music, just like a nice guitar amp or a beautiful grand piano. and those pieces would be obviously recorded into a computer or some other recording device.

Did you get it?
I’m interested in your opinions on it.

Still waiting for it to be shipped to me. Apparently Dave Smith was waiting on parts when I ordered it, so my synth hadn’t even been built yet. I’m hoping to see it sometime this week.

Got it last friday. Fuckin ace synth boys, highly recommended. Fat analog sound, those sub-oscillators are to DIE for. Can’t really say much about it, it’s all in hearing it you know? Hopefully i’ll get some free time from all the other work i have to do to put together some pieces with it and show you.

damn, good to hear. Much better than your soft synths? I guess its probably not a fair comparison.
Let me know how you like the internal sequencer.