Dsk Virtuoso Vst Problem

I’ve found this free vst plugin, DSK Virtuoso (the download link is here: http://dskmusic.blogspot.com/p/downloads.html ), that I need for a part with some bowed string instruments. I’ve tried other plugins, but so far this is the best so I’d like to stick with this. The problem is that sometimes, when I close the renoise song which uses this plugin I get an error where it says to never use the plugin again since it can ruin the file and so on. Sometimes the preset I use doesn’t sound at all, but changing preset make it works again.

So: have anyone used this plugin and experienced any problem? Is there any solution or something to do?

I tried to grab the plugin, but the way it loops the samples really sucks.

In the end I’ll just render it to a long sample, but I wanted to try and solve this issue before.

I have no specific answer to your question but I experienced lot of trouble with dsk plugins in renoise and in reaper too. Also they take up too much cpu for what they do so I don’t use any of them anymore.
It’s a pity, because dsk virtuoso has some potential to replace Edirol Orchestra.
Not very constructive here, but it is my experience with dsk.

I know that this Topic is several years old but Since there already is a Topic about KVR I don´t need to start A new one. I’ve just experienced the same thing. At first I thought my computer had something wrong, but after installing other plugins I realized that it was something wrong with there plugins. I have written an email to them and submitted a crash report.