DSP chain files

So, we have awesome collections of instruments and samples… how about dsp chain setup (.xrnt) files? I’d really like to see more of those!

There’s no chains included in the install package? Renoise library folder? I’m sure I did up a stack of chains years ago. If these aren’t accessible anymore let me know and I will re-upload them.

I think he means like uploading our personal chains everyone of us. But I don’t know how this will work, as my DSP chains are mostly very extreme - they were supposed to work in one certain situation, perhaps include a short advice where it’s best to use (like - fattening the bass, making a harsh synth less harsh) ;)

Well, I made a stack of chains to show interesting results that are derived from certain ordering of fx, and you could feed all sorts of sounds into them. Seeing examples helps sparks some people’s imagination.

Chains should not be used like presets. No two chains are the same because no two input sounds are the same. Mixing is highly context dependent. Knowing what is needed where for what end requires lots of experience and experimentation. Learning never stops.

Exactly, i was thinking of having starting points for, say, “make vocals more present”, “beef up lead with reverb and delay”, or like Nor Tamena mentioned “make harsh synth sound less harsh” and so on… Of course they can be tweaked after inserting them, it would just be nice to have some nice starting points / examples, other than those from the demo songs :rolleyes:/>

Well the ones I find most reusable are the ones I’ve uploaded once for my renoise-as-a-drumsynth tutorial…
djbpf BPF controlled by XYPad
envelopes Vel. controlled envelopes
reso Resonator
inertia Inertia for CV signal
simplegate Gating effect, use together with automation and/or envelopes for lots of fun

very misc;
noibased Make noise synth out of silent sample
oscbased Make oscillator synth out of silent sample
pitches Control oscillator synth by notes, use in combination with ringmod/filter/screamfilter/phaser eo (major thanks to dblue)
pitches improved pitches.xrnt?


There’s more that can be done with the newer effects, but this should be more than enough to start you on some fun.

I’ll add one of my favorite inventions… scratch effect from silence :)
It’s been asked for sometime, not sure if I posted it. Here it is anyway!
Usage: create a new instrument, go to sample editor, press F11 and make a “empty” “voiceless” 1 sample sample. Add the chain in a new track and play with XYPad while randomly pressing+holding a key.

Warning. This does not ‘scratch’ other samples, you’ll have to use pattern effects to reverse/pitch bend and dsps to to distortion/crushing, on another track.
It’s not to get away from vinyl, but it helps if you like to create stuff (HITS ;D) and don’t immediately have any cash for proper decks/vinyl.
Edit; I just set X max out to 75 instead of 90… just try things out you know.

Wow thank you for your interrogation delt i didnt even know that xrnt existed !!!

There’s also some tricks in there that I wouldn’t otherwise have ever known about with older devices! Thanks!

most of these are things I’ve posted but in handier format… Try out the simplekeyreso on drumsamples :D
xrnt (folder)

? these dsp chains doesnt work!

They are working here… Download a chain to your desktop, and double click; Renoise will then startup and autoload a chain for you, so that you can see they work.

Alternatively, download the files, and drop them in your chain folder… If you are on windows then the path is something like…

C:\Program Files\Renoise 2.8.1\DSP Chains

Then go to that folder in your browser, and drag/drop a chain to a channel

Handy, thank you kind sir!

This is also very true for the LofiMat device. It’s so rediculous aawesome different sounds on different sources, and almost infinite amount of possible settings…
I need to remind myself to export .xrnt stuff more (since I make beat loops a lot, 1 a day on avg…)

where are the instruments?

in the backstage

I didn’t know you could save dsp chain files, thank you. Should be able to abstract out some basic common ones I use and decrease work later :yeah: