Dsp-Chains Vs Cpu

I’m now working on a setup for a live show in about a month. Part of the set will be based on using Duplex:Recorder to make loops and tweak effects live. I have two effect chains containing the same effects, and with them all switched on CPU is around 35%.

The problem begins when I start tweaking. Some settings cause the CPU to peak and the overload prevention kicks in, forcing me to restart Renoise. It’s usually stuff involving feedback that tip the scale, like on flanger or chorus, but also LofiMat at lowest rates. To add to the complexity, something might work just fine… like tweaking flanger feedback up to 100% for a while without noticing any big rise in CPU. Or even combinations like flanger + chorus, both quite a lot of feedback. But all of a sudden the unsynced flanger and chorus hit some point which cause the CPU to peak.

My old setup in Plogue Bidule had higher CPU load with no such problems… maybe not as extreme effects tho, I don’t know.

I’m looking for tips on how to deal with this. I’m thinking I can set min-max to “safe” levels when mapping the midi controller. The downside is I can’t use some “extreme” settings which usually work fine, but not in combination with other stuff.

Also I’d like some hints to which effects, settings and combinations can cause CPU spikes.

Seems to work ok with min-max set to “safe” levels so far. We’ll see how it works out with two effect chains and two line in to signal follower. With on the fly looping of knob movement through Bidule vst. With midi tracks to control my DSI Tetra. And with MicroTonic VSTi. If I can fit all that on my crappy laptop I’ll be really happy.

Did a little test of one effects chain. With a microphone accidentally left on. I didn’t notice cause I use light weight headphones that doesn’t block out sound. Turned out quite nice, a lucky accident. The voices are from the tv in the background showing “Between the lines”, a British crime series I have never watched.


This Sounds Like a “denormal numbers” Problem in the native renoise dsp to me…

I had simuliar problems with renoise 2.5… I just Disabled overload Protection and the Problem dissappeared. Don’t really get the Sense of the overload protection.

In buzz the old modular tracker there Exists a debug View that counts the appearance of any denormal processor condition also of vsts. This is quite nice to detect Bad performing gear…