ran into these tonight:

  1. renaming DSP-devices
  • why i wanted this was because first, i am used to renaming everything because i worked with Reason, and second, when you want to have two of the same devices in the track, it could be usefull to be able to give them your own names, especially because of the diversity of the functions of the devices (ie. a filter can be used for EQ-ing as well, LofiMat can create distortion, etc.)
  1. expanding the ‘reach’ of the LFO-device (for example), to be able to have 2 targets
  • as far as i can tell it is not possible to control two tracks with a single device, when that device is placed on some (random) track. in other words, when i have an LFO-device on track 2, and it controls something on track 2, i cannot have that same LFO-device control something on track 1 as well.
    but, i think you will tell me that i should use the send-track for that, and not use such chaotic arranging in my device-chain. again, my excuse is, i am used to Reason :).

and no, Renoise is not Reason. i appreciate that fact.

2: ah, sorry, haven’t tried that device out yet… thank you for that tip, will try it out soon!

Still can’t control earlier tracks (those to the left of the track the device is on.) So an LFO on Track2 could control something on Tracks2, 3, 4, 5 and Send1 via a Hydra (for example), but never Track1.

  1. yes, I have requested this in the past and I’m all for this

Why not ? We forced this limitation only for meta devices that need to process incoming audio to automate a parameter (aka the signal follower) so to achieve no latency.
All the other meta devices can automate parameters in all tracks with absolute freedom.

My mistake, I thought it also applied to the Hydra but didn’t actually test it. Otherwise can’t you just go Signal Follower > Hydra > Earlier Track (which is what I thought you were trying to stop)??

we stop the signal follower. if you want you can overcome this limitation by using a hydra, but then you are on your own as this will introduce latency that depends actually on your sound card settings: aka you change setting and get every time different results.