Dsp Effect's (minimize/group) Option

I, Like many others, end up having quite alot of DSP effects on a single track.
Scrolling through more than 10 effects can feel alittle troublesome.
You guys prob’ already thought and discussed this, but here we go…

This is one of many tracks in one of my songs. Do note that this isn’t the whole chain.

Scrolling through this is HELL and i really would love if you could shrink the DSP effects.
Here, let me give you a small example with pictures;

Here is your regular Distortion DSP Effect. Now, let’s start by adding a little “minimize” button in there.

A single click on this little fella would shrink the DSP into something like this;

Here is how a short DSP chain would look like;

Alright! thats Awesome!! but wait… what if you could take those and put them in a Group?
Oh yes! A group with a Gainer, Pan for all, and ofcourse a Send! :w00t:

The DSP Minimizing would really enable you to access your DSP’s more quickly without you having to scroll and look for the right one, ( a search option would not help so much because typing takes too long and is boring :rolleyes: ).
This would also help to hide that EXTREMELY HUGE NEW EQ10 OH MY GOD WHY IS IT SO F*KN LOONG!

Speaking of the new EQ10, why isn’t there a button that can enable/disable the spectogram?
Sure, it’s nice to see how it looks like when you do your EQ and all, and can be helpfull, but it takes up SO MUCH SPACE!
What if there could be something like this?;

Anyway, Im not 100% on the group thing (im like 97%)… But the minimizing DSP feature would really, Really rock! :yeah:
Also, a good thing for them 1024x768 users out there.

So, Whats’ your thoughts on this?

Here’s some ideas:

1# Use a big wide screen monitor :P
2# Use the send tracks?

But I can indeed agree with the “hide” idea. Not bad at all.


I dont want to buy a 30’’ widescreen monitor just so i can half the scrolling in my DSP chain ;)

I dont really see how this is of any help?
If i have 45 tracks, I would have to create 45 different Send tracks :drummer: point being?
I would still have to scroll through those chains in those Send tracks.

Most of the time the scrolling doesn’t bother me, but when I have like 4 EQ10’s with 5 other effects in there it can get alittle messy finding that right slider bar, without it feeling like the program slows you down in your workflow. :unsure:

Indeed, I should use this more often! But switching views all the time just so you can scroll through your DSP’s?
Thats like whiping dust under your carpet and calling your room clean, for me atleast :wacko:
(ok, now im just complaining too much)

Another approach is to split the middle view so you can see the current selected track as a mixer-strip next to the pattern editor. Just the same way advanced editor appears now.

Very very true! I have the same view on Grouping.
Having small sliders would also mean you have to Increase the Resolution on them when you slide them.
Something like this maybe?;


oh wow… it is! :panic:

… Awesome.

maybe a “container- metadevice”. like abletons instrument/effect/midi -racks as metadevice.

I made a quick sketch just to see how it would look like.
I used the current Mixer DSP minimized windows, but maybe it could be done better…


yeah… always wanted a container/rack device.
Would be more funny to make presets for multifx’s that way ^^

IMO those dinosaurs do not offer good enough sound quality.

Gotta love oldskool

Scrolling them left and right makes me horny though, in a Shadow of the Beast kind of way :lol: