Dsp Native Fx (user Preset)

I’m try to find the folder, anyone know where is it on PC and MAC?
Very Thank You!

“Factory Presets” subfolder of Renoise installation

Sorry Factory Preset folder just contain the “Factory Preset” not the User Preset.

This 2 shots just explain better

User Preset List under Factory Preset List


Factory Preset Folder

Hope to be clear…

whoopss… sorry!

in windows:

C: \ Documents and Settings \ Your User Name \ Application Data \ Renoise \ V2.0.0 \ User Presets

Thank You, i’m looking for mac too.
Would be nice have the User Preset folder in the same place of Factory Preset folder, more consistent i think.

The user presets are preferences, so they are stored in the preferences folders. The factory presets are part of the installation so they are in the programs folder which should not be modified by programs except installers. Also preferences are unique for each user, while the programs folder is not.

On OSX, the preferences are at: /Users/YOURLOGIN/Library/Preferences/Renoise/V2.0.0

Yeah right, thank you for explanation!