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Airmann, I’m sorry about the curt response. I was tired. First of all, you did a complete thread hijack with a topic that has no bearing on what we’re discussing. Much like dBlue did. But i know him so he’s more easily forgiven ;)

The signal follower lets you base nearly any parameter change in any vst (instrument or effect) on a treated set of amplitudes. This is infinitely more powerful than dedicated sidechain compression. I’d like to know which sidechaining vsts you are using that don’t use it for compression or vocoding alone. As for the latter, if a vocoder doesn’t have the foresight to support left carrier right modulator setups, it’s not worth your time anyway.

But ARGH with this digression!

i like this idea- well done
i come from devon too, but i call it a dibber…

No Problem, was tired, too :-). Didn’t actually want to Hijack. But you’re right, if we’d go deeper into the topic this thread would be poluted.

So I open a new topic on that:

Signal Follower Sidechain Fake

Just re-reading this thread, I see it goes along with this one:


This is Suva`s mod of my mock-up,

You get the modularity, extracting relevant parameters [e.g. depth from the chorus here], saving set-ups as presets (amoungst other things such as VSTi loading in tracks, MIDI VSTs etc.)

Yep …

it comes to the point to have an modular system like AlsaModularSynth (AMS) in linux and if you have test this beast you know how great it sounds ;o)

I dream of the possibility to have such a powerful routing with such massive modules like in AMS and this an all OS for swapping tracks.

See what comes …


Cowbell? Radness? Awesome!!! Somehow I missed this beautiful exercise in simplicity from dblue.

This beautiful exercise in simplicity from dblue is full of cowbell, radness and awesome!


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Yay! Great post. I’m your henchman on this.

Been thinking of this solution before some. So this would be like Hydra that contains bind effects and routes the audio inside modular? And also allows meta devices control multiple parameters? Would be great if the devices could really be broken up for this. For example, if I could break up the delay effects feedback loop I could actually make modulated and EQ’d delay that builds effect on top of previous cycle. And such. Wasn’t this the original idea?

Think of it at least.


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Just giving this thread a bump/addendum.

In addition to the original idea, hidden send tracks could be confined to a DSP sub-chain, or ‘Black Box’:

(See other thread)

bumping this thread, because i re-read it and completely agree with the awesomeness of dblue’s idea here, and because of this separate thread that brought i back up here.

dblue’s idea is a lot like what Reason’s Combinator does (although the Combinator is a bit more powerful, having its own keyzones etc), and i really loved that device in Reason to clean up your chain and organize things into one single device.


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