Track Dsp Container/Groups

This is an idea from seeing how things are done in Ableton regarding track effects.

In summary this is what I find annoying/‘unelegent’:

  • Multiple tracks DSPs exist due to the users requirements
  • These generally do only a few operations (e.g. I may have a filter powered by an LFO, and a distortion powered by a velocity tracker)
  • I can currently only save the entire chain (I may only want to save a cool LFO powered filter)

The above can be worked around for saving (duplicate track and delete devices), but not for loading (replaces entire chain). Because of this I rarely save/load Track DSP chains as it’s easier to start again from scratch.

Thus, the following suggestion:

  • Multiple adjacent DSPs could be selected and grouped
  • This would combine them into a self-contained container
  • The container would not allow any parameter sources within it to be routed to any destinations outside the container
  • The container would have a ‘master’ delete, enable and minimise button
  • The container would also have an ‘Inst Automation’ device prepended to the front of it
  • The ‘Inst Automation’ device would allow routing into the container (only)
  • Saving Track DSP Chains would then save/load these containers
  • Multiple containers could exist on the same track

This would allow finer granular control and better use of the track DSP chain load/save facility.

For example, I may have a nice bit-crush/distortion container which I have saved and a cool LFO powered filter container. The above would let me save these as seperate items and re-load them for reuse in other projects without losing all the other effects on the chain.

Behold, the Doofer thread.

Ahh, I see something similar has been discussed previously!

Glad to hear it’s not a crazy idea then :)

Would like the ability to save/load self contained doofers and multiple doofers per track though as in the original post.

I put a +1 on every suggestion about grouping things

group fx

group tracks

etc etc

the key for a good workflow is to keep things well organized