DSP to Play 2 instruments simultaneously ?


I’d like to play 2 instruments with keys simultaneously, electric and acustic guitar so to speak, is there a DSP for connecting ?

Or any other method I could play 2 or more instruments simultaneously ?

DSP for doing such, no but similar ideas have been suggested.

With computer keyboard? No. With MIDI keyboard/controller? Yes. Check the MIDI Input area, far left of the Instrument Settings tab in the lower pane. There you can set Instruments to receive input from the same MIDI device and channel.

Or you could layer both Instruments into one Instrument. But then you are obviously very limited as compared to having it as to separate instruments.

How do I set instruments to channels ?

I agree, a thing that acts like Reason’s combinator (or combining sounds like in NI Kore) would come in really handy. We don’t need all the CV stuff from combinator of course, we got Hydra, MMix etc. we’ve got that covered.

Simply set the input channel (on the Midi In tab of the instrument) from “Any” to a specific channel.